Happy 4th!

Today I opened my eyes and thought, 4th of July is next Monday.  Once the realization would have been, 4th of July is Monday!  Odd how our excitement often dims with age. Christmas and Independence Day are my two personal favorite holidays.  I still love to hear the distant booms late evening, beginning a week or two before the holiday. The stench of sulphur. The site of a glowing hot wire that spits out sizzling sparkles, or the ugly brown "snakes" that curl into disgusting ash when lit.  

The past few years my husband and I have walked through a couple of fireworks tents just to see what's new. We've discovered that you can buy explosives that curl you hair and set you reeling. I fail to see how those could be fun but then I prefer the tiny "ladyfingers" now.  Ice cold watermelon cut in salted chunks, eaten in the comfort of my recliner as I watch New York's fabulous celebration unfold on television. Home churned ice cream at the lake after a day of sunshine and water. Family. 

Is my age showing?  Does the 4th and Christmas actually roll around every few weeks now instead of the endless, dragging months of my youth when it took forever for either holiday to get here?  Can't say, but I know that I love this approaching holiday and offer my deepest gratitude to the young men and women who have given their lives to allow me to enjoy freedom.


Got Your Back
by Autumn Parker
I am a small and precious child,
my Daddys been sent to fight
The only place I will see his face,
is in my dreams at night

He will be gone too many days,
for my young mind to keep track.
I may be sad, but I am proud,
my Daddy's got your back

I am a caring mother,
my son has gone to war
My mind is filled with worries
that I have never known before

Every day I try to keep
my thoughts from turning black
I may be sad, but I am proud,
my son has got your back.

I am a strong and loving wife,
with a husband soon to go
There are times I am terrified,
in ways most never know

I bite my lip and force a smile,
as I watch my husband pack
My heart may break but I am proud,
my husband's got your back.

I am a soldier;
serving proudly, standing tall.
I fight for freedom, yours and mine,
by answering this call.

I do my job while knowing,
the thanks it sometimes lacks.
Say a prayer that I come home,
its me that's got your back

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May nothing or anyone ever take this gift from America.